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Amy and I were fortunate to have her mom and dad and sister Taryn come yesterday to stay with the kids so we could get away for a night. Here in the Valley the local resorts run big specials in the summer because nobody wants to come *to* Phoenix when it's 110 out. So we went to the Buttes for the "Champagne and Roses" Romantic Getaway package. However, we weren't gone an hour when we got a call saying that Abby wasn't feeling well and had started to run a fever. I contacted Dr. Shafron a couple of times over the next two hours to get his read on what was going on, and he was quite patient and reassuring. Elizabeth had come down with tonsilitis last Wednesday, and she had run quite a high fever--I had to take her to the doctor. Our pediatrician informed me that it was most likely viral in nature, and high fevers were not uncommon. So initially we were not concerned, thinking that Abby was just suffering from tonsilitis.

This morning after we got up, however, Taryn called us again saying that Abby's fever was over 104, and even had spiked to 105 when she had taken it one time. We decided not to take any further risks, and had the family call 911.

So we're in the ER at Banner Desert right now waiting for the ambulance. We're not sure what they will do--probably order a CT scan to check for bleeding and swelling in her brain, and maybe start her on IV fluids to make sure she does not dehydrate.

Please pray that this visit will be brief, and that Abby will be able to handle the IV they put in her arm. We learned that typically EMTs don't mess with catheters, they always want to put a fresh IV in. Abby doesn't appreciate IV's very much anymore. :-)

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My prayers are with you.

I want you to know that you are in my prayers, and I'm especially praying that this latest development will prove to be nothing serious. I pray that Abby's doctors in the ER are quick to see the problem and offer the right solution. I'm also praying for the paramedic who will be riding in back with Abby while she is transported. Paramedics are wonderful people who care deeply about those they help. I know this because my son and his wife are both paramedics, and I've seen first hand their devotion to those they help. God bless all of you. Your faith and love of Jesus Christ is an amazing power of example for me.

by Charlotte Hayes on 06/19/04


Over the past few years, I find myself silently praying for the injured or sick patient in the back of an ambulance whenever I see one traveling purposefully down the road. I also pray for that individual's family. Your post has now placed upon my heart the desire to also pray for the paramedics, EMT's and other staff who is providing care in this stressful environment. God has placed wonderful, caring people in that position to be the first line of medical, and often times spiritual, intervention. From what I hear, I believe Abby's medics were a fine example of loving, dedicated, faithful people.

by S Lingo on 06/21/04

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