Nighty Night, Sleep Tight

I just left the hospital. We gave Abby the choice about who would stay with her, and she asked for mommy tonight, so I came home.

She is definitely not recovering as quickly this time as last time. She was finally perking up a little bit when I left, and was drinking water. She needed almost a full unit of blood, and they went ahead and finished the unit after she returned from surgery, and also gave her some red cells.

An odd wrinkle that came up was that her platelet count was low when we went in for surgery. Nobody's sure why this is yet--could be something to do with the line placement, or could be related to the cancer if it had spread to her bone marrow. They think the spread to the bone marrow is extremely unlikely--nobody has seen an ATRT or PNET-style tumor spread to the bone marrow. This was one reason she needed so much blood, in addition to replacing what she lost in surgery.

Thank God she is moving extremities on her left side (arm, hand, fingers, toes). This is a good sign. We'll see about peripheral visual field issues tomorrow.

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