Surgery done

Dr. Shafron just came out to give us the post-op report. He says the surgery went very well. There was definitely more tumor at the original site that needed to be resected, and the new nodule, in his estimation, probably had doubled in size since her MRI on May 27. So this is clearly a very aggressive little bugger. He also attempted a thorough search for infiltrated tumor, and removed some tissue based on what he found. The tumor was actually starting to come up through the dura, which is the lining in between the skull and brain.

She has staples now instead of sutures, and he needed to install a drain which can come out in a day or so. We're waiting for them to let us into her room.

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I love Abby

Please tell Abby that Aunt Shelly loves her very much and that I will come see her soon.

by S Lingo on 06/12/04

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