Hopefully, a plan

Well, we'll know more details tomorrow, but we think we have the beginning of a treatment plan.  God seems to be leading us to a doctor in Tucson who might be willing to do a part of Abby's treatment which will include harvesting stem cells.  This will allow her to receive higher doses of chemo (after a 6 week round of radiation therapy).  The stem cells would be given back to her to help her body recover more quickly from the chemo. 

Please pray for our 1:00 pm phone conference with Dr. Michael Graham in Tucson tomorrow.  Pray that he will be willing to work with us to receive most of the treatment here in Phoenix, that we will ask the questions that we need to ask and that he would be willing to converse with Dr. Packer (the Washington DC doctor who is willing to share the latest information he is receiving the next two days at a conference).

We'll update you more tomorrow.

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