MRI done

We went to Phoenix Children's Hospital early this morning for Abby's MRI which was done outpatient.  She made it through without any trouble, and was even able to get her IV inserted after they had started the sedation, so she didn't need to worry about another needle stick.

After the MRI was done we proceeded to Dr. Shafron's office and met with him.  They gave us the results of the MRI on disk instead of as films.  He read them, and they reveal that there is a new "area in question" in a different spot in the right side of her brain.  It is far enough away from the original tumor site that Shafron would not have seen it in the surgery.  It was not on any of the pre or postoperative scans, which implies that it is new.  It is not very big.

Along with this came the news that there is a possiblity that St. Jude's hospital in Tennessee might have a trial open that we could participate in.  Shafron said the initial results from this trial are better than any he has seen, and our hemocs are also very interested in this.  Abby would have to go to Tennessee to participate--she could not do it here.  We're still not sure if she qualifies for this.

The question that remains there is whether or not she needs a second surgery, and if that affects her qualifications for the trial and the timing.

We meet with our hemocs late this afternoon.  Please pray for this meeting.  Thanks.

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