Carlin Update and News Story

Since we last posted, Carlin's condition has steadily declined. He has been unresponsive since this past Monday when he started having seizures. This prompted an MRI. The MRI revealed that although the chemotherapy he had received seemed to shrink some of his tumors, another large spot showed up on his brain stem next to the original tumor site.

They have discontinued all treatment and are providing only comfort medical support. I was able to pray for Carlin last night at the hospital with his parents, Ling and Sammy, as well as Carlin's aunt and grandmother. I praise the Lord that we had the wonderful priviledge to share the story of Jesus with Carlin when he was still awake and alert a few weeks ago.

This evening C.R. brought Josiah to the hospital (at his insistence) to say good bye to Carlin. Josiah wanted to tell Carlin one more Jesus story. C.R. also had the opportunity to talk with Sammy.

Please pray for Carlin's family as they say their good-byes to their only child. Ask the Lord to wrap His loving arms around them and comfort them with His peace. If you'd like to see pictures of Carlin, you can see his website at

We've had more than a few people ask "how are you handling this?" I can only say that it certainly has brought back memories and prompted many tears, but we continue to feel certain that our friendship with Carlin and his family was divinely orchestrated. With that in mind, we press on and trust our loving Savior to provide us with the emotional support we need to do His work. He continues to give us strength we didn't know we had and it reminds us again of His faithfulness. Josiah wrote a "Dear Abby" letter in his Abby journal today asking her to meet Carlin at the gates of heaven and introduce him to Jesus as well as a few other important bible characters like King Josiah, Abigail, Daniel, and Elizabeth.

Finally, we heard from our news reporter friend, Jeff Bills today. Channel 5 will air Abby's follow up story this Monday at 10 pm. He has been done with the piece for a few months, but his producer wanted to air it during sweeps month. You can pray that the Lord will use it for His glory and good purposes.

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