Hospice is here

Good morning.

Abby is resting peacefully. Hospice is here, as are many of her friends. She is surrounded by the people she loves, and we are playing her favorite praise music in the background, which of course will pale in comparison to what she will be hearing (and participating in!) soon.

05:17 PM, 06 Dec 2005 by C. R. Oldham Permalink | Attach Photo

Watching the website

My heart is with all of you today as you surround our dear Abby with your love and your presence, as well as those who are lifting you up from afar. I am monitoring the website from my office. If you need ANYTHING, just ask. I'm praying for God to display His infinite wisdom, comfort, and mercy. Love to all, Shelly

by S Lingo on 12/06/05

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