Thanksgiving Day

Abby, baby Axel, and Aunt Adrianne

Alena and Aunt Amy working on Thanksgiving dinner

Abby and Aunt Adrianne working on Pumpkin Pie

Abby entertaining baby Axel

Our flight out to Pleasanton was uneventful--the kids were great. Abby had enough energy to walk the airports without much assistance and was even able to carry a few things here and there. We've had a very special week here with my sister and her family (Adrianne, her husband Alex, 4 year old Alena and new baby Axel), and my Dad joins us today. The weather has been typical California--high 60s during the day but quite chilly at night, very sunny and mild. We managed to get a cousin's portrait taken (after an aborted attempt at the local mall's portrait studio, we started over the next day and got some great shots), but Abby's energy level hasn't been up to much else except trips down to the neighborhood park.

We mentally prepared for this possiblity, intending to call the trip a success if we could simply get here and get through the week without any of the mutant-migraine headaches that can put Abby out of commission for a day or more.

In fact, though she has had a lack of headaches, her condition has declined considerably since we arrived. She is having trouble getting around (but still able to walk), hardly ever uses her left hand, and the left side of her face is getting a little droopy. I suspect we will be calling for a wheelchair tomorrow when we get to the airport.

Her curtailed ability has been the source of much frustration for her.

We've made an effort to focus on what we can be thankful for. A Savior who loves us, knows our pain and suffering, weeps when we weep. God's providential hand that never leaves us though we cannot see it. Another day with Abby, seeing her smile in spite of her condition. Loving family welcoming us with open arms, and a family of 4 welcoming the chaos of a family of 6 is no small feat!

And as Amy wrote in the last entry, we are incredibly thankful for all of you who continue to lift us up to the Father in prayer. We know God moves when His people pray. We still pray daily (at least) for miraculous healing, knowing that God could choose this avenue, or He might just love Abby so much that He wants her home with Him sooner than later. Either way, of course, she is healed.

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Thank You

Dear Oldham family, Thank you for the testimony to God's goodness that you hold ahead of you in this journey. I continue to uphold all of you in prayer and hold Abby especially dear in my thoughts and constant prayers. You uplift me every time that I read your journal entries and you encourage me with hope to a degree that I cannot express. Know that God is honored with your faithfulness. Rejoicing in the One who holds us all in His capable and faithful hands. Judy Drew

by Judy Drew on 11/25/05

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