Abby and Caleb

Abby and Sienna

The past week or so has been challenging for us all, but not without some happy times.

We decided to take a quick trip to the library on Thursday morning and in the rush to get everyone out the door, we all forgot a hat for Abby. We commented that we're getting used to seeing her with hair again so we don't really think about her needing a hat!

The attached pictures will show Abby's "hair progress". The bottom picture was taken in September with one of her new baby cousins, Sienna. The other picture was taken at the end of October. She is holding her new second cousin, Caleb.

The increased dose of Decadron seems to be keeping the headaches away. Although, the daily nausea, fatigue and weakness continue to bother Abby, she still insisted on going to school today. I am told she was able to nap on a cot in the nurse's office. Praise God for giving her such persistence. I think I would have wanted to hide out feeling sorry for myself were I in her position. God is good to us.

You can pray for our upcoming week. God-willing, we will be traveling to Northern California to spend Thanksgiving with C.R.'s sister. Please pray for safe travels and no headaches or other symptoms.

May you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. We are truly thankful for each of you!

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