Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden []

Audrey, Elizabeth, Alex, Lily, Daniel, Abby, and Josiah

Mariposa Monarca

Elizabeth, Abby and Josiah examining butterflies

This is probably our favorite time of year. For anyone who might not be local to us, usually in central Arizona the weather cools off beginning in late September and early October, and we settle down with lows in the 45-60 degree (F) range and highs from 75-85 degrees (F). Occasionally we will have some fall rain showers that encourage the desert to bloom, and it can be spectacular. The desert has a beauty that is completely unique, and it is an incredible testimony to God's creative genius that He could create animals and plants that can survive in these conditions, but still demonstrate such delicate beauty and diversity.

We arose early this morning to head for the Desert Botanical Garden up by the Phoenix Zoo. The Garden has a Monarch butterfly exhibit each Fall and the kids were just ecstatic about it. It was so cute to see Elizabeth and Daniel crouching down, examining the butterflies, exercising great restraint to not accidentally stomp on them.

We also observed lots of desert wildflowers and the dizzying array of cacti that flourish here in the desert climate. The Garden has cacti from literally all over the world. The kids' favorite was probably the "Old Man Cactus," which grows thin fibers that look exactly like white hair.

We were blessed with company at the Garden in the form of Ginger Trudgen and her girls Alex, Audrey, and Lily. They are some of our best friends and live here in our neighborhood with us.

Abby has responded well to her increased Decadron dose and woke for the second morning today without a headache and only very mild nausea. She is on 4mg every day now. She is having some mood swings associated with the steroid, so our prayer is that we can get her intracranial swelling under control and then reduce her dosage again.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We heard from many of you after our Monday post!

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