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I have 2 opportunities to share with you all. First, some of you may remember me mentioning Haley Knutsen who died last month. Well, her supporters are carrying on in Haley's name and have organized a car raffle to benefit Positive Impact (the organization that had Abby and her friends dance for their Scrub Ball). If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for the raffle, go to

Second, would you please pray for some new friends of ours? I met with a dear woman last night whose 7 year old son has recently been diagnosed with a PNET (Abby's tumor is also a PNET only with Astrocytoma differentiation). His name is Carlin and his parents are Lynn and Sammy. Carlin had surgery a few weeks ago and is currently receiving chemotherapy and radiation. His surgery left him paralyzed on one side of his body and he's currently unable to talk or eat. He communicates with his parents by gesturing and spelling. I know Carlin and his family will appreciate your prayers for wisdom, strength and peace.

Also, for those of you with children who like to write, Lynn says Carlin likes receiving letters. So, anyone who wants to send him a letter can either email it to me or send it in the mail and I'll forward it to him.

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