Normal week

We enjoyed a "normal" week of activities after the excitement of last weekend. We continued on with homeschooling, had picnics outside on the playset and spent time with friends.

Every morning we praise God for His mercy and goodness when we see Abby's smiling face greeting us. She has had some episodes of left side numbness and weakness, but overall she continues to feel great. She is plugging away at her schoolwork which makes her teacher very proud! Our curriculum covers American History so we spent some time watching the old Schoolhouse Rock TV shorts (some of you may be familiar with them..."I'm just a Bill, yes, I'm only a Bill, sittin' here on Capitol Hill..."). Anyway, Abby's laughter while she was watching was a joy for us.

Thank you for your prayers for our family. We feel so blessed by you all. On a sadder note, we heard the news that one of Abby's fellow patients from UMC died on Thursday. Some of you may be familiar with Haley Knutsen's story. You can read more on her web site at Please pray for her family as they grieve their loss.

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Michelle cufr

Hi, Amy! I am so glad to hear that you had a "normal" week. I remember those schoolhouse rock videos. What fun watching them through your children's eyes. You continue to be in our prayers. Michelle Cufr

by michelle cufr on 09/21/05

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