Amy, Abby, and Josiah at the Savoy Suites

It's cicada season in Washington, D. C.

We made it safely to DC after a hair-raising experience at the airport--we arrived about 2 hours before our flight and stopped for breakfast after checkin.  After finishing the meal we proceeded to security and discovered a line with probably 300 people in it.  The line was not moving.  Fortunately an astute TSA person waved us to the other concourse, saying there was no line at security there (not for long, of course a good 50-100 people sprinted down the concourse after he said this).  We waited another 20 or so minutes with the concourse B line inching along and finally completed the security check with about 12 minutes to spare before our flight.

I'm really telling this story because it is an example of how God is faithful even in the small things.  As we left the checkpoint, a skycap in an electric cart wheeled up and asked us if we needed a ride.  He really came out of nowhere, or at least as far as I could see since I was panicked and certain that we could not make the flight.  He bundled us on the cart and trucked us right to the gate, where the ticket agent waved us in.  They were in the process of closing the aircraft doors.  We were the last people to board the flight, with 5 minutes to spare.

We've had a nice evening here in DC, meeting Michael's dad and stepmom.  They came to pick us up at the airport, took us to our hotel, then out to dinner, then back to their house to examine cicadas since the 17-year cicada cycle is going on right now.  Boy did Josiah get a kick out of that!  Abby didn't mind handling the molted shells, but drew the line at having these gentle insects crawl on her hand.

It's almost 10:00 PM, which should feel like 7:00 PM to us, but for some reason seems more like midnight.

We had calls from the hospital today confirming our appointment and moving it up a half-hour.  We'll catch a cab to the hospital tomorrow morning.

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