We have a final MRI report and it doesn’t look favorable. All the areas from before are larger and there are some new ones. We have an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow morning to discuss our options.

Right now we most need your prayers. We spoke to Abby and Josiah tonight. We told them that there were more tumors and we are going to talk to the doctors tomorrow morning about what we might do next. C.R. also said that the good news is that Abby is feeling well right now. We didn't go into any more detail than that.

We know that God is still in control and He has a good purpose in this even though it is almost unbearable.

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We have been praying for you all week and especially today! We continue to pray for healing and for peace....and for your continued incredible faith. Let us know how we can help in the days ahead. ~Heather Driggers

by Heather Driggers on 08/05/05

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