Eating a little

Scolding Daddy

Frozen peas

Manicure time


Abby is eating a little bit every meal. She is requesting more of a variety of foods. She seems to be extremely sensitive to smells so we're trying to keep strong smells at the table to a minimum. This way Abby doesn't have to eat in the other room!

We got a call from the clinic on Friday saying that Abby didn't have to come to her appointment on Saturday. So, we have enjoyed a break since Thursday. We will go into clinic on Monday to check her labs and discuss our departure date. We hope it will be sometime this week.

Abby had a special treat yesterday. She went for a manicure with her cousin, Haley and her Aunt Shelly. We have been promising her a manicure for quite some time now. She expressed some concern earlier in the week about how much a manicure would cost and I joked with her that we could afford it because she has saved us quite a lot of money on haircuts this past year. She giggled and has passed that little joke on to a few people. I love that she can laugh about not having any hair!

Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer.

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