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We pulled in our driveway of the rental at 1 pm...what a great feeling! Abby was disconnected from her IV lines at around 10:30 this morning and spent the next hour bouncing around the room enjoying her freedom.

She still feels nauseous and is not very interested in eating. We are told that the Malphalan will do that and to expect another few weeks before she is eating normally. We will be delivering IV nutrition for 18 hours a day on a portable pump until Abby is eating again. Abby is also taking various antibiotics, anti-viral and anti-fungal medications...just call us Oldhams pharmacy.

We will get to return to Chandler as soon as Abby is eating and she is producing her own platelets. Her platelet count today was stable so she may indeed already be recovering those. We'll see her labs tomorrow. Dr. Graham said that Abby has "very strong" bone marrow and is discharging sooner than most patients. We say Abby has a "very strong" God and many faithful prayer warriors. Praise you, Lord for answered prayers.


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Oh Happy Day!

What a great sight to see the car pull up and Abby's smiling face looking out the window. I know Abby's speedy release from the hospital is because of the many prayers given for her recovery and the loving care Amy and C.R. shower upon her. Grandma

by Virginia Wiersma on 07/12/05

Good news

Hooray for coming home!!! Abby does have a strong God indeed!

by Aida Valenzuela on 07/13/05

Great week

This sure has been a great week. It's wonderful to hear that Abby is able to be "home" again with her family. I'll bet Josiah will be very excited when he gets home from camp to see his dear sister Abby welcoming him back. Tell Josiah that Aunt Shelly is sorry that I didn't write to him while he was away; normally I'm pretty good at that. It's been a busy time, but I've been thinking about him a lot this week and hope that he was able to enjoy the companionship of his good friends and this opportunity to worship and grow in the Lord. Abby, I owe you another foot massage with scented lotion! Can't wait. Love to all.

by S Lingo on 07/15/05

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