Neutrophil sightings and going home

Abby's counts went up quite a bit last night so Dr. Graham says we can tentatively plan for a discharge on Tuesday. We will still have to stay in town because Abby will continue to need transfusions for the next few weeks, but she will be "home" with us! This news brought a smile to Abby's face...she was a little mellow after saying good-bye to big brother, Josiah. He's off to camp for the week.

This morning Abby decided to do some dancing instead of walking laps. We have a DVD with the dances from her recital so she put on her ballet shoes and started dancing. Abby, the IV pole and I even made a ring during the ballet dance and twirled around in a circle. She had a good time and smiled when she thought of her dance teacher and all her dance friends.

We are so thankful to God for His care during this portion of Abby's treatment. He has been so good to us! He has answered our prayers for protection from infections and Abby's continued good spirits.

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