Abby had a great collection today so they don't need us back in Tucson again until her admission date the week of June 13. God-willing, we will be enjoying a much needed break for the next 10 days (other than an MRI and an echocardiogram on Monday which is needed for the transplant setup). Abby is looking forward to participating in her annual dance recital on Saturday with her good friends. This will be a special event for her since you may remember that she couldn't dance in last year's recital because of her surgery.

You can pray that God will use this break to prepare us physically, spiritually and emotionally for what lies ahead. We may not know what we will face but we know who is in control and that is our greatest comfort. Also, praise God with us that the vacation rental we looked at today in Tucson will be perfect for us. He continues to take such good care of us.

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