More stem cells

Abby's counts are great right now--so good that Dr. Graham said it's time to collect more stem cells. We're getting more just in case, really. If this next round of chemo is not effective, we could possibly try again with a different set of drugs, so we want to have enough cells on hand to use in that case. So tomorrow we head to Tucson for the day.

They are also going to do some initial evaluation tests (EKG, chest X-Ray, etc).

We also hope to take a look at the property we will be staying in during Abby's treatment.

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Amy and CR, I continue to be amazed by your stregnth. We pray for you all daily. It is said, God will not bring you to it unless HE will bring you through it. We all know that HE is with you each day. HE is especially close to Abby right now. With love and prayers, Francis & Betty Dugie and all the "little Dugies" P.S. I need to change our "E" address with you and I don't know how. DUH!!! Our new address will be: This is effective now and Juno will end on June 17th. Thanks.

by Betty Dugie on 06/02/05

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