Line placed, waiting for chemo

Abby's new central line is in and is looking great. She's been admitted to the pediatric hematology/oncology unit at Banner Desert, and is just waiting for a few tests before she starts her chemotherapy. The cycle will last 3-4 days, she'll be in a day for hydration, and then they will discharge her. We will wait a day or two to make sure the Topotecan is out of her system and then travel to Tucson for stem cells.

The new unit at BDMC is beautiful. It is so pleasant--lots of light, large rooms, (almost) real beds for parents to sleep in, showers in the bathrooms.

Please, please pray that the chemo will be effective and that she will tolerate it at least as well as she did last time. We'll keep everyone posted.

09:40 PM, 09 May 2005 by C. R. Oldham Permalink | Attach Photo

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