Abby's and Daniel's reminders

God gave me a few reminders through Abby and Daniel today. You see, Daniel is a little confused about what's going on these days (as if all the adults around AREN'T a little confused!)

When Abby's MRI scan was clear in January he didn't quite understand that we could change our prayers from "make Abby's cancer go away" to "please keep Abby's cancer away". However, after a month of reminders from Josiah and Abby, he seemed to realize that God had, indeed, cured Abby. This morning he asked why Josiah was praying for Abby's cancer to go away. "God maked it go away, right?" he questioned me. Abby then responded, "Yes, He did, but then He allowed it to come back so we could share more about Jesus at the hospitals". I told Daniel that we could pray again that Abby's cancer would go away. He put down his breakfast food and said, "I will pray that right now". And he did.

May I always remember that nothing we are experiencing is beyond God's power. And, He is always ready to listen to our prayers. So often I think to myself, "I will pray for that tomorrow morning." May I be in constant communication with Jesus. He delights in our relationship!

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