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We have an appointment with Dr. Graham in Tucson on Wednesday at 2 pm. We also spoke with our Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Sapozink, who suggested that Abby could have Stereotactic Radiosurgery (which is basically a type of focused radiation just to the areas where the tumor recurred-there is no incision involved). We will discuss this with Dr. Graham and see where that fits in with his protocol. We also received reassurance from our oncologist, Dr. Abella that they are willing to help in any way possible. This may mean that the outpatient portion of her treatment could be done here at Banner.

Abby is feeling great. She felt well enough to go to her dance class tonight much to everyone's surprise. It is good for her to get back into a normal routine somewhat. She is already asking if she can go to her homeschool enrichment program on Friday.

Pray for a safe trip for the day on Wednesday and that C.R. and I will ask all the necessary questions. Please also pray for the dealings with the insurance company. They have already assigned us a case manager so we are encouraged that they will be as cooperative as before.

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