We are still waiting for the results of Abby's EEG. I am to call the office on Monday to see if they have official results.

The procedure went well. Abby was anxious about the test despite our reassurances that it would be painless. She vaguely remembered another EEG she had during her first stay in the hospital and she didn't appreciate the cleanser they had to rub on her scalp before placing the electrodes. I tried to remind her that at that point she had one thing she has much less of now...hair! That eased her mind a bit, but she was still concerned it was going to hurt.

When she got on the bed, she started to get worked up and then just closed her eyes. I asked her if she was ready to take her nap and she gave me her little smile and said, "I'm praying". She handled the placement of the electrodes extremely peacefully. The rest of the procedure was relatively uneventful. She got to sleep a whole 20 minutes (barely beginning to make up for the 4 hours we deprived her of). In all, it was one of our easiest appointments.

Abby saw the oncologist yesterday to have her port accessed and her labs checked. Praise God, her lymphocyte count is recovering beautifully. She has also gained a pound.

Her next MRI will be in mid-April. You can pray that there will be another clear scan. She has expressed a slight interest in trying her MRI without anesthesia. Please pray for wisdom for us to decide if that is realistic for her.

We'll post more information about the EEG as soon as we have results.

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