Still no results on Bone Scan or Pathology

Today has been hard so far. I went into work this morning, thinking that Amy would call me to come to the hospital to have our "big" meeting with Dr. Panchoosingh and Dr. Abella (our hemocs) and talk about treatment. But as the day has worn on, we still don't have the results of the bone scan, and the pathology results are not back yet.

Originally, the Banner Desert pathologists were not able to reach a consensus about the tumor. They thought it was probably a PNET, but decided that they needed to send it out. It went to Dr. Michael Hart at the University of Wisconsin. That was last Wednesday, I think. He has sent some results to the hemocs, but not a final diagnosis yet.

I know that Scripture says so many times to not be afraid, but I've been so scared today. Nobody seems to want to talk to us about the bone scan. They have kept saying "wait until we can all get together."

Pastor Mark came to chat pray with me today while Abby was taking her afternoon nap. It was good to pray with him.

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