Followup MRI is done

Our hearts are a little lighter today, praise God. Abby had her follow up MRI today. It took 3 hours so they could reexamine the tumor location to be sure there is none left and also check her spine. The "unofficial" report from Dr. Shafron is that there is no tumor left-he got it all out and that her spine is clear. The official report should be ready tomorrow.

The oncologist spoke to us today briefly. He said they hope to have enough information tomorrow between 1 and 3, but it may also be the next day. He said additional treatment could range anywhere from nothing to a year of chemo and radiation. He couldn't narrow down the recommendation any more without the analysis from the lab. He did say that her treatment wouldn't require any additional time in the hospital beyond her recovery from the surgery.

Abby, our superkid, is bouncing back beautifully. She was prescribed up to 2 miligrams of morphine every 2 hours for pain. She has only had a total of 1.5 miligrams in all since the surgery. We even got to take her for a walk this evening. She walked herself for about 5 minutes and then rode in the wagon a while. I turned to CR and said, "Our daughter had brain surgery yesterday and we're taking her for a walk!!!" Praise God :)

She was a little disappointed to hear that the egg and hash brown breakfast she requested for this morning was going to have to wait till after the MRI (no food or drink because she was sedated). But, she gave us all a little smile. The anesthesiologist started giving her the sleepy medicine and slowly her little eyes drooped, but she kept popping them open again. He kept adding to the dose and finally he said, "I think she's out". They picked her up to take her to the MRI and she popped her eyes open again and said, "Can I eat now?" Ahh, God is good!

If things continue to go well, she'll be released to the regular floor tomorrow and then maybe one more day and she can go home.

Please continue to pray for recovery for Abby, decisions for us and also for strength. God has shown Himself so wonderfully to us this past week and we praise Him. Also, Abby is asking us all to pray for the babies in ICU-that they will get to go home soon. It is so neat to see that in the middle of all this, she is focused on others.

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